Go to Great Lengths

Beyond extensions come in three lengths, 16", 18" and 20". The right choice depends on your current hair length and whether your goal is to add fullness, length, or both. Keep in mind that everyone has different neck and torso measurements, so the finished length will vary from person to person. If you’re looking to add length, compare your current hair to our model below, showing our 16", 18" and 20" extensions to determine how much length you would like to add. For added fullness, select the extensions closest to your current hair length. No matter what length you choose, all Beyond extensions have subtle layers to blend in for a lush, natural look.

KELSIE GOAL: longer and fuller hair for weekend nights RECOMMENDATION: 16" Select Extensions in Ginger Blonde

ANNA GOAL: longer hair for an occassional change RECOMMENDATION: 18" Classic Extensions in Medium Golden Brown

LILLIAN GOAL: longer and fuller hair to transform her look RECOMMENDATION: 20” Couture Extensions in Jet Black

ISABELLE GOAL: longer and fuller hair for more styling options RECOMMENDATION: 20" Classic Extensions in Light Blonde

What's your Goal?