Frequently Asked Questions

What make Beyond extensions different from others I’ve tried?

Beyond was created by a passionate group of hair pros (and extension wearers!) from Specialty Commerce Corp, one of the largest hair retailers in the world. This in-house team of hair experts was determined to solve some of the biggest problems women have been experiencing with their hair extensions for years— damage to their natural hair, tugging, hours at the salon and most importantly a lack of transparency. Beyond hair extensions have a unique patent-pending design and construction. They not only look more luxuriously natural, but are far more comfortable than any other clip-in extensions out there! We use ONLY 100% Human Hair and 100% Natural Remy Hair in our products. Even better, we’ve got the resources to independently perform ongoing lab tests to ensure you’re getting what you paid for!

What are the advantages of clip-in extensions?

Let’s start with the fact that you won’t have to spend hours (and hours!) at the salon, pay salon prices or damage your natural hair anymore. Beyond hair extensions are easy to apply and remove. Our custom-designed, multi-sized silicone treated clips are contoured to lay flat (no more bumps!), without glue or tape that damage your natural hair. They’re so comfortable, you’ll forget you have them in!

How do I choose between your three collections?

Whether Classic, Select or Couture, you can’t go wrong with any of our collections. All are available in our 12 exclusive multi-dimensional shades, share the same patent-pending design, are beautifully layered providing a luxuriously natural look and are BEYOND comfortable to wear. Every set includes 10 super-thin wefts with our custom-designed, multi-sized silicone treated clips. Your best choice should be based on how often you plan to wear your hair extensions. If this is your first time using extensions, or if you only plan on wearing them for those "special occasions", we recommend Classic, made with 100% Human Hair. Ready to step it up or plan on wearing them more frequently? Than we suggest trying Select, made with 100% refined Remy hair, with most of the cuticles intact. If you want the best of the best, our Couture extensions, made with 100% natural Remy hair, with almost all of the cuticles intact, are designed for daily use and will provide you with the most luxurious look and feel.

Can you give me advice on choosing a color?

Your best bet is to order our FREE Swatch Kit. Once you receive your swatches, to find the best match, choose the color closest to the mid-bottom portion of your hair. Pro tip: Be sure to fan-out the swatches, so you can determine which shade blends/matches your existing tone best. Viewing the swatches and your hair in natural light always works best! Because our exclusive shades are multi-dimensional, they’re designed to blend in more naturally. To add highlights, we recommend choosing 1-2 shades lighter. To add lowlights or deep undertones, be sure to select 1-2 shades darker.

How many wefts are included?

Every box of Beyond hair extensions includes a set of 10 wefts. Our patent-pending construction with super thin wefts and custom-designed, multi-sized silicone treated clips are contoured to lie flat and look BEYOND natural! Even better, our extensions are beautifully layered, allowing them to blend seamlessly into your own hair! Use all 10 wefts to add all-over volume, add a few to for more fullness around your face or create a fresh new style.

How long will my Beyond hair extensions last?

With normal wear, care and styling, our Classic extensions will last BEYOND 6 months. Our Select collection will last BEYOND 9 months and our Couture extensions will last BEYOND 12 months. Pro Tip: Cutting or chemically treating your Beyond hair extensions, could potentially shorten the lifespan of the product and is done so at your own risk.

Can Beyond extensions help with thinning hair?

Most definitely! Beyond hair extensions are perfect for adding fullness to thin hair. Our patent-pending construction is designed with super-thin wefts that can easily be hidden under fine hair. Plus, our custom-designed, multi-sized silicone treated clips are contoured to lay flat and will stay secure in thin hair too! Pro Tip: You don’t have to use all 10 wefts. If you have areas where your hair is finer, just use a few pieces in that area to build up coverage. You can also add a few pieces around your face for added fullness.

Can I use my extensions to create a ponytail or updo?

For sure! Beyond hair extensions are not only a way to add length and fullness to your own hair, but they’re also great for adding length to a ponytail or volume to an up-do. If you want to create a low ponytail, simply follow our installation instructions and simply tie your hair back. For higher ponytails, clip a few wefts above and below the crown area before tying your hair in place. To create a fuller bun, we suggest using a few extra pieces to add volume.

Any tips on the best way to install my Beyond hair extensions?

First, brush your hair thoroughly to remove any knots or tangles. Clip any excess hair up, so it doesn’t get in the way. Gently tease your hair along the base of each part made, to ensure the clips are secured tightly. For best results, clip the wefts in by securing the middle-most clip first, then work your way to the outer-most clips. Pro Tip: To avoid any tension on the hair, when applying your extensions, slightly lift your hair up and away from the head and close the clip into your hair. This will leave your hair free to swing and move naturally, rather than clipping the extensions against your head, causing the inability to move and tension on both the head and hair.

How do I remove my Beyond hair extensions?

Start by making sure your hair is tangle-free. Our wide-tooth comb and specially designed Beyond brush are perfect for this! Part your hair slightly above where the extensions were placed (this will help you see exactly where they’ve been attached.) Secure your hair in one hand, gently lift and slide the clip extension out of the hair. In order to release our pressure sensitive clips, just press your thumbs down, apply pressure outward with your index fingers and the clip will snap open.

While wearing my Beyond hair extensions, how do I keep them from tangling?

Use either a brush or comb. In a downward motion, gently brush through the hair. It is best to start brushing downward from the bottom portion and work your way up to the top of your head. We recommend using our Beyond brush, as it is vented for easy detangling. Our Beyond wide-tooth comb is also a great option.

Can I heat-style my hair extensions?

Absolutely! Our extensions can be curled or straightened using heat tools whether they are in or out of your hair. For our darker shades, we recommend not using tools heated above 350°F. For our lighter blonde shades, we recommend not going above 250°F. Oh… and by the way, we suggest using BEYOND heat-protective spray to ensure your extensions are protected and look their best!

Can I dye my extensions?

Beyond’s exclusive multi-dimensional shades were created to blend-in beautifully with your own hair, match your color, add highlights or even lowlights! If you’re looking to custom dye your extensions, we highly recommend starting off with our Light Blonde (#22). It’s your best bet! However, we do recommend having it done at a professional salon. Pro Tip: Cutting or chemically treating your Beyond hair extensions, could potentially shorten the lifespan of the product and is done so at your own risk.

Can I perm/curl my extensions?

Chemical perming is not recommended, however your extensions can be water permed by a salon professional or done at home using a curling iron with a barrel circumference that matches your existing curl pattern. It is important to remember that both of these methods are temporary and will wash out.

Can I trim my hair extensions?

Every set of Beyond hair extensions is designed with beautiful layers that are designed to blend seamlessly into your own hair. If you want to try a new style or go for a blunt cut, they can be trimmed. However, we recommend having it done by a professional.

How often should I shampoo and condition my hair extensions?

We recommend washing your Beyond extensions after every 7-10 wears. Our Beyond Moisturizing shampoo, Hydrating conditioner and Heat Protective spray have been specially formulated to keep your extensions soft, shiny and tangle-free. It’s best to wash your extensions in a sink. Gently swirl them around in a mixture of warm water and Beyond Moisturizing shampoo. Be sure to hold the wefts tightly, letting the hair flow in the same direction to avoid any tangling. Once through, rinse and repeat with our Beyond Hydrating conditioner. Pro Tip: To help prolong the lifespan of your extensions, we recommend laying them flat on a large towel and leaving them to air dry overnight. Once completely dry, mist with Beyond Heat protective spray and proceed with blow drying, heat curling or flat iron straightening.

What is the best way to store my hair extensions?

Your extensions can be stored safely in your original BEYOND box, but be sure to keep it away from direct sunlight. Another option, is our convenient satin-finish Beyond Hanger Bag, which prevents tangling and is a simple way to store your extensions discreetly in your closet along with other hanging accessories. Our Hanger bag is perfect for traveling too!

Can I shower or sleep in my extensions?

It is best to remove your Beyond hair extensions before showering or sleeping.

Can I exercise in my extensions?

Sure! Go for that run or bike ride. No need to worry about the wind— Beyond hair extensions will stay put! However, with continued use during indoor/outdoor physical activity, we recommend washing them more often to remove any perspiration remaining in the hair.

Can I swim in my hair extensions?

We don’t suggest wearing hair extensions in chlorinated pools. Chlorine is not good for the hair and could potentially oxidize the lighter shades, turning the hair green. If you end up getting salt water in your hair extensions, we suggest washing them as soon as possible, to remove any salt from the hair.

Are your swatches the same quality as your hair extensions?

No, absolutely not. Our swatches are designed to provide a true representation of the exclusive Beyond multi-dimensional shades. They are for color matching purposes only

Can I exchange/return my Beyond hair extensions?

Can I exchange/return my Beyond hair extensions? If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may exchange or return your Beyond hair extensions within 60 days from the ship date, if the seal has not been broken. All Beyond hair extensions arrive in a box with a lower compartment that contains one weft from your 10-piece set. You may remove this piece to preview for quality and color. The main, upper compartment holds the remainder of your extension set and is sealed. This portion of the box should not be opened until you are completely satisfied with your purchase. We are unable to accept any exchanges or returns once this seal has been broken or void. Because Beyond hair extensions are a hygienic product, we follow standard industry practice to ensure the comfort and safety of our customers.

Your package will include a convenient SmartPost label to facilitate a return. If you choose to use the SmartPost return label, $8.95 will be deducted from your exchange, credit or refund. Additionally, all exchanges and returns do require a Return Authorization Number to receive timely processing and be eligible for a full credit. To receive a Return Authorization Number, simply complete the return authorization form at Exchanges and refunds are normally processed within 3 business days of receipt. For complete details on our returns policy, click here.