Color Your World

There’s a Beyond shade just for you. No worries, with 12 exclusive multi-dimensional tones, it’s easy to choose. We recommend selecting a color from the images below that is the closest match to your hair (from the mid length to the ends). It’s best to stand in natural light when matching your hair.

Of course, the best way to take your color Beyond, is to order our swatch kit. Once it arrives, select the swatch that resembles your current color, fan out the swatch and hold it to the bottom portion of your hair. For highlights choose one or two shades lighter; for lowlights, one shade darker.

Light Blonde (22)

This multi-dimensional, multipurpose shade, Light Blonde, has flattering beige undertones to blend in naturally with your own color or add highlights to brighten your look. If you’re looking to custom dye, Light Blonde is your best bet. But, we recommend having it done at a salon.

Beach Blonde (14/88)

Know how great you feel (and look!) after a day at the beach? Now you can have that every day with the warm honey blond and pale golden highlights of our Beach Blonde. This multidimensional light blonde shade will lighten your look.

Ginger Blonde (613/27)

We’ll admit it, we love gingers - and when you add a dash of light golden blonde, it’s truly a shade BEYOND. Ginger Blonde, a multidimensional blend of ginger, blonde and strawberry, is the epitome of chic.

Honey Red (P27/30)

You’re not one-dimensional and neither are our shades. Our multidimensional Honey Red is a warm blend of medium auburn with delicious golden blonde highlights. The result? A sophisticated light copper that blends right in or highlights your own color.

Auburn (30)

Redheads are special (you know that!) and Beyond is taking it one step further. We’re wild about our multi-tonal Auburn shade with deep gold undertones. It’s warm, it’s flattering and it’s totally you!

Ash Blonde (18/22)

Feeling cool? (Of course you are!) Our multi-tonal Ash Blonde is the perfect oh-so-cool shade to match your own color or add flattering highlights.

Light Ash Brown (10)

Cool undertones add interest to our anything-but-an-ordinary Ash Brown color. This multidimensional shade adds a touch of sophistication with it’s cool undertones.

Medium Golden Brown (8/12)

Get the best of both worlds with our multi-dimensional Medium Golden Brown shade. You’ll love how our light golden brown highlights blend right in, whether you wear your hair down or go for that updo!

Dark Golden Brown (P4/8)

Sometimes you really can have it all. With our Golden Brown shade a warm, multi-tonal brown is blended with medium golden highlights for added richness.

Chestnut Brown (6)

Rich, warm, with added depth, our multi-tonal Chestnut Brown will never go out of style. With so much going for it, why would it?

Dark Brown (2)

Warm undertones subtly woven into our Dark Brown shade make this a universally flattering choice. Simply put, it’s a classic.

Jet Black (1)

There’s nothing quite like the drama of Jet Black. What makes Beyond’s take on it is the multidimensional undertones. It’s pure chic.