Your color, Your way.

Using Colored Hair Extensions for natural-looking highlights & lowlights


At one time or another, we’ve all experienced the way the sun naturally highlights our hair…. isn’t it oh so fabulous? But in a good news/bad news kind of way, as it can also do some not-so-fabulous damage to our hair! However great the color might look, the dryness and frizziness that go along with those highlights are not so fab. Plus, we’re all hanging out a lot less in the sun these days, anyway, right?

Beyond Extensions Shades of Color

We’ve taken those naturally beautiful highlights as a starting point and did the sun one even better! Actually, 12 better! With 12 exclusive multi-dimensional shades of hair extensions to choose from, you can add highlights, lowlights, whatever lights you want. Wherever you want. Whenever you want. Clip-ins are truly a brilliant way to add highlights without a permanent commitment or or causing damage to your hair.

Order Our Hair Extensions Swatch Kit

Be sure to get your hands on the Beyond swatch kit to choose the best shade that blends most naturally with your own hair color. Or, if you’re in an edgy mood, pick a shade that has nothing to do with mother-nature and everything to do with expressing your personal style!

DIY Clip-in Hair Extension

Instead of spending all that time and money in the chair…and not always loving the results…you can do all this at home in just 15 minutes.

Pro-Tip: If you already have highlights, extensions can help you go longer in between salon visits.

Not good with that hair styling type of stuff? We suggest trying Beyond clip-ins, as they’re BEYOND easy! You’ll feel like a styling genius! They’re even specially designed to be invisible even in the finest hair. Just clip them in as per the easy instructions and…voila! BEYOND beautiful…it’s the highlight…and lowlight…of your new look.