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Top Hair Trends of 2021

New Year. New Hair.

by Jordan Blash,
Sr. Director - Hair & Beauty

At one time or another, we’ve all had a hair story or two to tell. Have you ever gotten excited to try your shot at the new trending hair style and it ended up a colossal disaster? Kinda like when your best friend in 7th grade had curly hair, so.. of course YOU had to have curly hair! You begged and begged. Finally, your mother made a PERM appointment for you at your grandmother’s hair salon. You wanted curls, after all! The rest was history.
No? Was that just me?

I’ve got a better story… you finally decided to lighten your virgin hair. You instantly look sunkissed. You were feeling like a million bucks, because your days were filled with endless compliments. Yep, you were on cloud nine!

Good or bad… hair trends continue to evolve. Some come and go, some stick around longer than expected, and others…. we wish had never existed. We rounded up a few of our fav trending looks that we predict will be spotted in 2021. No mullets, here. Miley can keep that one!

The Money Piece

We recently spoke with Celeb Hairstylist, Josue Perez. While on our call, he shared that the money piece continues to be a hot trend and won’t be disappearing anytime soon. What’s the money piece, you ask? Lighter locks that frame your face and blend seamlessly into a balayage-look.

See how Paula at Boho Hair Salon added face framing highlights that blend perfectly with a balayage look. To easily achieve the balayage look with Beyond Extensions, try Light Blonde or Beach Blonde.

Stunning Balayage by @_hairbypaula at Boho Hair Salon.

Dramatic Length

We recently saw Kendall Jenner rocking long locks and Kaia Gerber added dramatic length for YSL. They could never have accomplished these looks without the help of hair extensions.

Who says you need to wait months, even years for the long locks you desire?

Move over, Rapunzel. You ain’t got nothing on our girl, Awkwafina.

Styled by Josue Perez

Sleek and shiny is also on our list, and Awkwafina has that covered too. She wears our 20" Classic Extensions in Jet Black.

Tousled & Textured

Since many of us are still WFH, the undone look is where it’s at. Texture instantly gives the appearance of an undone look. We’re talking the perfect in-between of straight and curly. Natural texture with an effortless appeal.

Because all of our extensions are 100% human hair, when they air dry, you will get that texture. Add some waves with a curling wand, and a little bit of sea salt spray, and you’re perfectly undone.

Wearing 20” Classic Extensions in Dark Brown
We HAD to share her before. Look at this transformation!

The 90s Bounce

We’ve waited years for this one to come back and it’s bound to stay for a while! Perfectly-styled bouncy curls were so 2020, and we’re still seeing them EVERYWHERE! Hot-rolled, velcro-set and curled-to-perfection amazingness is what we’re expecting to see more of in 2021.

No curlers on hand? A large barrel curling iron will work fine.
PRO TIP: If you set your hair with velcro rollers, you’ll get a bounce that lasts longer.

Amanda wears 20” Extensions in Beach Blonde.Styled by Jay Jackson

The Lob

The Lob is the blunt-cut bob’s cooler, older sister. AKA the “long bob”, it’s the perfect in-between length. When you’re tempted to go for a full bob, but need to take it slowly to avoid any hysteria! The length of a Lob is less-risky and the cut will actually give the appearance of thicker hair. Add some 1.5” wefts around the frame of your face for more fullness, and you’re a vision in no time.

With a new year upon us, now’s the time to try something new. The world is your oyster. Be who you want to be. If it involves new hair, follow us on Instagram @beyond_hair_extensions and post your new look using #GOBEYONDHAIR.
We can’t wait to see you!