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"I Do!"

Why Hair Extensions are the KEY to Romancing Bridal Hair.

by Jordan Blash,
Sr. Director - Hair & Beauty

The times, they are a changin'… Traditional and classic wedding "up-dos" are not so much a part of the wedding equation anymore. Here's what we're seeing and hearing—

Beauty is becoming more simplified, specifically for weddings. We’re seeing less make-up using neutral shades for a softer and more wholesome look. Simple, yet elegant hair seems to be trending as well. Whether you're a bride, bridesmaid, family member or strictly a guest, you’re going to want to make your mark with spectacular hair at that upcoming special occasion.

Rule #1, hair extensions are typically your BFF when it comes to wedding hair. Adding that extra length and fullness will instantly take your hair to the next level, giving you the boost that’s typically needed to capture those most sought-after styles.

Kayley Melissa, AKA the hair extension queen, shares her experience and pro-tips on DIY wedding hair. Are salons fully "out" of the equation? Absolutely not. However, DIY wedding hair is more common than ever these days. Watch as Kayley turns simplicity into elegance.


"I CAN'T do that!" Hmmm… we disagree. It's easy and stress-free. So… yes, you CAN do it! Installing well-made clip-in extensions allows you to create the additional length and volume you'll need for your special day! Voila–and just like that, in less than 20 minutes… instant hair growth and fullness! That’s what we call the beginning of a total wedding transformation.

Romancing the hair

Long lengths with brushed out waves typically stand on their own and need little embellishment. They are oh-so romantic! Imagine this… long, loose waves flowing endlessly across the dance floor. Pull it over to one side for even more volume. It's no wonder this style is so popular amongst celebrities…. It's flattering to your face and your gown’s neckline while still showing off your neck.

PRO-TIP #1: Looking for even more impact? Try adding extensions that are 2-3 shades lighter for soft natural tonal highlights or 2-3 shades darker for additional depth and dimension.

PRO-TIP #2: Experimenting with your part placement can make a HUGE difference! Switching-up the more commonly seen center part to a bodacious, voluminous side part is a transformation in itself! The more side part, the more drama and va-voom you can create.

A favorite of most celebs

The twisted high-pony is another simple yet super elegant style to consider for your special day. It's easy to style and requires zero attention or maintenance throughout your event. Remember, adding extensions to your natural hair will allow for an even longer and lusher pony. Mmmmm…. We love that look!

PRO-TIP #1: Add more romance, by pulling out a few long, loose and wavy tendrils to frame your face on both sides.

PRO-TIP #2: Try adding small fresh flowers to your twist or a jeweled accessory for added glitz and embellishment.

Tying the knot

Longer and thicker hair always makes it easier to twist, tie, braid or "tuck-in". So… if you're longing for the latest in a chic, contemporary half-up, half-down look, I recommend longer locks, as they will most definitely compliment your bridal hair. On a day when you’re "tying the knot" why not do the same in your hair? Two twisted sections of hair never looked so romantic until entwined into a relaxed knot. This look is so simple to achieve and yet beyond classy! Thinking of adding some glitz? Try adding delicate bits of sparkle with a micro-size gem accessory.

The ideal wedding hairstyle should enhance your face, but never overwhelm or take away from your wedding gown. Wedding hairstyles don't have to be elaborate to make a great impression. Remember, simplicity has become more elegant than ever! For an undeniably romantic look on your BIG day, keep things simple, soft and relaxed. Congrats and remember…You got this!