Pro Tips

New Year. New Hair.

Let’s Talk Highs & Lows

by Jordan Blash,
Sr. Director, Hair & Beauty

Nope! It’s not what you’re thinking! We’re talking about highlights and lowlights.
The easiest, fastest and safest way to transform your hair color... in less than 15 minutes and WITHOUT any damage to your natural hair!!

YouTuber and Hair Guru, Kayley Melissa is back.
With 1.75M subscribers to her channel, she knows her stuff!

Highlights, lowlights, baby lights... Kayley covers it all. She shares all of her pro-tips on how to achieve a natural, healthy, color boost… without bleaching or dying your natural hair!
As a matter of fact… there’s zero need to go to the salon… you can DIY.
Wait? DIY highs & lows, in no time at all? How, you ask?

Beyond Hair Extensions

Check out Kayley’s sister and side-kick Anna Laura.
Look at how our extensions transformed her look!

Ginger Blonde added to create highlights.
Ash Blonde added to create more depth with lowlights.

Watch our video below and learn how to transform your hair color instantly!

Check out Anna Laura wearing our multi-tonal shades Ginger Blonde for highlights and Ash Blonde for lowlights. RIGHT NOW! Take 20% OFF all Ginger Blonde & Ash Blonde extensions. Now's the time to save and give your hair color a boost!