Have extensions, will travel.

How to Pack and Travel With Your Hair Extensions


Love to travel, but always dread the packing and unpacking? Not so much the clothes…but all
those toiletries and beauty supplies… the clunky hair dryer, the curlers and all those hair
products…UGH, we get it! What’s a gal to do? Find a salon in some strange city? Spend time
staring at yourself in that salon’s mirror instead of spending time with good friends or family,
exploring Europe or even relaxing in some tropical paradise?

Preserving Your Hair Extensions In A Travel Bag

Whether you are heading out for a long weekend with your friends, family or have plans for a romantic getaway, Beyond Extensions makes it easy to travel with your hair extensions. The Beyond box your hair wefts arrive in, is designed to provide easy storage for your new extensions to keep them free of tangles, so feel free to pack it into your suitcase.

Pro Tip: Roll your clothes tightly, (it will keep them from wrinkling) and will keep the box in place.

Travel Hairstyles Using Clip-in Hair Extensions

With easy installation, just clip them in and in less than fifteen minutes, you can have long & voluminous hair, as romantic as Paris. Or try bountiful braided pigtails if you’re heading to Munich! Oh, and if that long awaited dream to visit Hawaii actually comes true, be sure to bring your Beyond extensions along! How does long, smooth and luxurious hair with an authentic hibiscus placed right behind your ear sound? If asked who styled your hair while away on vacation? Just tell them the truth, it was well BEYOND that! Your posts and pictures are sure to create a buzz!

Pro-Tip: Going on an active trip? No need to fear the wind, skip that bike-ride or a night out dancing – Beyond extensions stay put until you’re ready to take them out. Just make sure you remove them before diving into a pool!)

Must-Have Hair Extensions Accessories

As any frequent flyer will tell you, accessories will update your style without having to pack too many extra outfits (though we promise not to judge you, if you pack half of your shoe collection.) Beyond hair extensions are a key accessory you won’t want to leave behind. They will make looking your “amazing” best, as easy as 1.2.3. It's that simple!

Another great option to consider? The Beyond Hanger Bag, made of luxurious satin, it is the next level to chic and perfect for hanging in your hotel closet.

We can’t wait to see all the great places you and your Beyond extensions go. So, be sure to follow us @beyond_hair_extensions and tag post your pictures with #beyondhairextensions!

Bon Voyage & Safe Travels…